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Adya Clarity $59.97

Adya Clarity

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Adya Clarity mineral supplement.

Paramagnetic Sulphate Super Minerals

Answers to a few questions about ADYA CLARITY


Adya Clarity is developed to be combined with drinking water. As soon as combined with water, the mineral deposits break down and turn into an element in the water. Adya Clarity minerals likewise function to cleanse the water. Absorbed impurities which are present in the water turn out to be visible. Then they sink on the base of the cup or jar and by no means merge back with the water. Quite simply, when they are in this water, they will never dissolve. In sterilized water there shouldn’t be dissolved pollutants, hence, there shouldn’t be any precipitation. Sadly, almost every other waters including tap, rivers, ponds, lakes, spring as well as most bottled waters display indications of dissolved pollutants. Adya Clarity is remarkable at exposing contaminants, as well as making the water less hazardous, cleaner, and better to consume. Like this, Adya Clarity is utilized to clean-up the harmful particles in water and as an exceptional source for a total matrix of mineral deposits.
After I Put ADYA CLARITY Into My Drinking Water, How Come My Water Becomes Cloudy?
The cloudiness that immediately happens once you put Adya Clarity in your water is in fact the precipitation from the contaminants which had been around in the water. With the strength of minerals, these elements which were contained in the water have grown to be un-dissolved. The potent magnetic forces of Adya Clarity’s minerals have pulled in pollutants and clumped all of them into noticeable particles that will drop out from solution. These types of clumps of contaminants weigh more than water and therefore are able to become deposit. The pollutants are made undamaging. Adya Clarity enables the water particle groups to decrease by 50 % their dimensions. As being a more compact water group, the contaminants possess much less room where to install themselves in the water. The pollutants are pressured to drop out of solution. In addition, the precipitated pollutants won’t ever break down into the water. You can easily see the water turning out to be 100 % pure before your eyes!

How Come ADYA CLARITY Enhances The Flavor Of My Drinking Water?
It’s been well recognized in the drinking water industry that improving water with minerals improves flavor. Like every excellent water which has the very best minerals, Adya Clarity water tastes wonderful. Adya minerals furthermore make certain there is activated oxygen within the water. The consumers also discover that once they mix their reverse osmosis or highly filtered drinking water with Adya Clarity after which run their water by way of the filtering system, the water is much more balanced and tastes rejuvenating.
Exactly Why Is ADYA CLARITY So Effective?
Adya Clearness is acquired from Mica. In character, Mica is needed for 2 things: to wash-up our planet of harmful toxins and also to restore our planet to balance. This method is going on continuously within our Oceans and fresh physiques of water. In by doing this, Mica may be the supply of minerals for the rivers making Mica probably the most important assets for getting water that is clean. Mica is known to cause the best mineral formations for example zeolites, fulvic acidity, sea salt, etc. Adya Clearness is acquired from among the rarest types of Black Mica.

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Nascent Iodine $49.97

Nascent Iodine

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Nascent Iodine is an iodine supplement delivered in a molcular form instead of an atomic form. This characteristic allows the iodine atoms to hold an electromagnetic charge making it  more effective.

  • Supports and treat thyroid gland malfunction. Highly energized, bioavailable form of pure iodine
  • Highly energized supplement, the best bioavailable form of pure iodine.

Iodine helps enhance the function of the thyroid gland , making the supplement a powerful detoxifier.

The best caracteistic about iodine is that it helps realease larg amounts pf energy. This release of energy charges the atoms until its diluted in water and process by the body. Once consumed the supplement gradually looses energy and its recognize by the body to be the same substance produced by the thyroid  and is absorb by the body effortlessly by the skin.

NASCENT IODINE its different compared to other iodine supplements as its denser and can be use as a powerful antiseptic.

Nascent Iodine doesn’t contains any hormones that may produce undesired reactions when coming in contact with the thyroid. Instead   Nascent Iodine its an enhancer to  nutritionally buildi the thyroid and help the way it does its job!

Many food such as seafood , greens, and seeds are a good source for iodine , but they may not contain the levels needed for optimal results and to support the tryroid for the process of homeostasis that takes place in the body.

Many are already experiencing the benefits of Nascent iodine. If you suffer from an iodine deficiency or have in the past, you may the results of takinf the supplements faster and will experience quicker improvement!

Recommended Dosage

Adults:1 to 3 drops with 8oz of water. Works best when taken on an empty stomach.

Recommended to take in the morning hours. Taking supplements after 4:00 PM, may increase  levels of energy and produce insomnia.

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